Heyo, Britain.

About a month ago, I took a short jaunt up to London and Brighton to witness the graduation of my friend Caroline.  I am monstrously proud of her and her fancy pants Master’s degree (and now her pending PhD journey!) and was excited to go be her personal cheering section.  As I’m the closest, geographically, it made sense that I would play surrogate mom, making a fool of myself and generally taking lots of pictures and beaming.

One of the many things that delights me about Caroline is that like me, she knows how to think with her stomach.  So I’d like to share with you some of the tasty tidbits that she managed to finagle into our trip.

First of all, thank you so much to Caroline, Bea, Megan, and Bridie for giving me the best weekend I’ve had in a long time full of delicious Asian food and hard cider.  Two things that are severely lacking in my Mediterranean diet.  I hope I get the chance to hop up there again, because I’m not done with you all yet.

Now for gratuitous pictures of food. Just a bit, though, because I was too busy being proud of all those smarty pants I just mentioned and their posh degrees.

First off, hard cider.  I loves it.  It was one of the first things I drank legally on a trip to England after graduating high school.  I spent several years hunting it down in Seattle, mostly running into bottled ciders.  I still have a trip pending with my oldest brother, John, to visit Eastern Washington orchards in a search for micro brewed ciders.  Here in Spain there is a bar that carries Magners, but it’s five euros for a can, and when you’re living off of a part time job’s stipend, five euros for something from a can gives pause.  So lets all celebrate traveling and the opportunity to indulge narrowly defined gliches, like a British draft cider!

A full English breakfast.  Caroline and I stuffed ourselves just before celebrating on one of her favorite things: baked beans for breakfast.  I am generally not a huge breakfast eater, but as it was eleven in the morning, I managed to clean my whole plate.   Not to mention the incentive of our entire apartment being on a diet.  It had been almost a month without eating pork.  Look again at the plate.  See why I was floating on food-induced happiness?

Best for last and all that jazz.  One night,we stayed with Caroline’s old host parents in North London.  After a delicious dinner with some of the most complicated and fulfilling conversation I’ve had in awhile (two nights in a row, once with the girls, now with the host family! – The key was English), the best surprise of all come to the table.  The Christmas Stilton.

It was whiffy.  And pungent.  And so melt in your mouth silky that Caroline and I were dipping our fingers into the cheese crumbs left behind on the cutting board.  I bet that we still stank the next morning.  But I still look back at that moment of cheesy gluttony with fondness and wonder.  Thank you all for the fabulous foodie trip!


1 Response to “Heyo, Britain.”

  1. 1 caroline February 25, 2011 at 1:37 am

    mmmmmm Stilton! That was amazing!

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