Vegetables! Wait, really?

This blog is not the healthiest of food blogs.  Do not come here if you want to lose weight.  It is filled with pies.  And I like it that way.  I’m a pie enabler.  Don’t you want to be enabled?  At least the pictures in and of themselves are not fattening.  But even I eat something besides jamón and cookies every once and awhile, and so we’re going to take a pastry break to eat some veggies.

I don’t even know if you could call this a recipe.  Really, it’s just a preparation.  It’s something that my host mother whipped up every once and awhile after a long day of work.  Now that I’ve spent a few years working and studying longer hours, I appreciate the genius of dishes like this that are both tasty and easy enough that the idea of preparing them doesn’t suck the last bit of energy out of your soul.  The best part is that it has all of five ingredients, none of them particularly strange or offbeat.

María’s Artichokes

Artichoke hearts – one can.

Mushrooms – four or five large ones.

Garlic – one or two cloves depending on your taste.

Jamón – a half packet of taquitos.  This would be about three tablespoons of chopped up ham, the saltiest you can find.

Olive oil – well duh, this recipe is from Spain.  Just enough to sauté, a generous tablespoon.

When she had more time, María would actually prepare this with fresh artichokes, since the ones you can buy here are tiny, tender little things.  But that goes against the quickie spirit of this recipe.  So.  Do whatever you really want.  Moving on.

Slice the mushrooms – not too thinly.  You want them to feel meaty against your teeth, but get cooked all the way through.  Sauté them with the garlic in the olive oil.  Meanwhile, slice the artichokes in half so that they’ll actually fit in your mouth. When they are starting to take on a golden brown color, toss in the artichokes.  Add the jamón and let it just heat through.  We’re done!

Serve as a side dish for pork cutlets or by itself with rice.  María would often use leftovers the next day to make a tortilla.  This is a good plan.  Learn from the Spanish woman.  And as always, enjoy.  Both the prep and the eating.


2 Responses to “Vegetables! Wait, really?”

  1. 1 Yesenia Domingue November 7, 2011 at 8:33 pm

    hey, great blog! love it 🙂

    • 2 desasdishes November 10, 2011 at 3:52 pm

      Hey, thanks to you for visiting!

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