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Aaaaand we’re back! Crisis Beans

Heeeeeeeeeeeey!  I missed you guys!  And by you guys, I mean the internet, that vast, echoey cloud full of kittens doing human things and the stalkery data trail I use to see if anyone is actually reading this.  Thanks, WordPress!  You make me feel less isolated.

As I mentioned in the last mini-post, I have been absolutely swamped by my Master’s program here in Sevilla, and have just recently surfaced.  I spent last week going around and reintroducing myself to some of my friends and dipping my toes into the internship world. Let’s not go there.  Right now, I should be working on my thesis – I actually just got an email with further instructions but I’m just going to pretend I didn’t see that – but instead, I want to talk about food.  Because that is what I do…well if not best, then let’s go with most often.  I promised that I’d talk about the cheese steak adventure that my friend Dan and I went on for Christmas, but I wanted to share this with y’all first.

For those of you who don’t know, Spain is submerged in an incredibly painful economic crisis that has been compared to the Great Depression and seems to only be getting worse.  Woohoo!  If you are at all interested or looking for a laugh, this comic book author sums it up pretty well.  And yes, it is subtitled.   I had to move out of my old apartment because both of my roommates lost their jobs and had to move home to their parents’ places, all of my coworkers are panicking because they may be losing their jobs because of education cutbacks, none of my students bother to study because there’s no jobs waiting for them after graduation, etc.  And for the last two months, I have been holding my breath because my bosses keep…forgetting to pay me.  So Desa of the expensive tastes is learning how to live off rice and other basic staples for that extra week of the month that appears off and on.

Oh, and welcome to my new apartment!

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Tapas II – Estilo Granaino

A while back, I wrote a short treatise on the art of tapas featuring my favorite restaurant in Sevilla, with the drawback that what I did wasn’t truly tapear-ing, because I never switched locales, but parked myself at the table until I couldn’t get up to request any more platelets of solomillo.

Oh, quick update on that: I am working on the recipe for solomillo al eneldo, but it’s still not quite there.  I’ll post it when it gets close enough to the real thing.

A month or so after that adventure, I tagged along with my roommate and her father on a day trip to Granada.  Rosa had a family meeting to attend, so her father and I took a long walk, meandering through the city center and chit chatting about history.  After admiring the sights, though, we got down to business, and we slipped into one of his favorite tapas bars.

This is the only picture I have of that visit because I was too busy eating and trying to decipher the super Andaluz chatter of twenty-five of Rosa’s relatives.  But no worries.  A few weeks later, she and I went back, alone, to concentrate on what’s really important.  And it’s not the Alhambra above, but tapas.  Granada style.

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Fácil es mejor

Last summer, the food trend seemed to Spain – Spanish food hit Gourmet magazine (RIP), the Food Network, food blogs the internet over, you name it.  Now I wonder if it really was in, or I was searching desperately for traces of Spain’s food heritage here in the US.  I had just gotten back from a study abroad in Seville and I was in the throes of cultural readjustment – throwing my own Spanish food party helped, but I was still on the lookout for reasons to brag about Spain that didn’t make me look like a tool caught up in my own personal experiences (which I was), but instead a finger-on-the-pulse, hip foodie.

I’ve gotten over that particular obsession, though every time I see a hint of Spanish food culture, I still get the warm fuzzies, though

Illegally delicious.

I’ve done better at keeping them on the downlow.  Some examples: finding membrillo at Whole Foods, finding real, hard cured Spanish chorizo at DeLaurenti’s Deli at Pike Place Market, drinking cheap bottles of Rioja instead of studying for finals… These are manageable ways to work Spain into my diet without smuggling

cured ham in my suitcase or begging friends abroad to bring me Lemon Fanta.  Well, I’ve done those things, too.

But anyways.  When I was in Spain, I managed to pick up a few recipes.  Tortilla española, garbanzos, and huevo al plato.


Huevo al plato is literally an egg on a plate.  My host father would make it for me for lunch in the wintertime, cooked in a cazuela, or indestructible glazed terra cotta bowl/plate.  These things happily troop from on top of the stove burner, into the oven, then into the dish washer afterwards.  No problem.  Lucky me got two of them as a birthday gift a few days before I left Seville.

I used to think that a huevo al plato was this specific dish that Jairo would plunk down on the table in front of me with fresh bread, as I toasted my feet on the space heater and wished for the rain to stop so I could get to class dry.  But Doña Margarita of my Spanish cookbook has informed me that in fact huevo al plato refers to the way it’s served – an individual egg in a cazuela.  This now seems very, very obvious to me.  But I share my shortcomings with you so that you don’t feel alone when those kitchen duh moments trickle in shamefully.  If you poke around on the internet, cookbooks, or Spain, you’ll find lots of variations on this theme, especially in tapas restaurants.

You won’t find a huevo al plato in Gourmet magazine (if it were still running) or as the main dish of a ritzy chef, but I love it because it’s easy.  Ridiculously so.  You don’t need a cazuela to make it – just use a small frying pan and slide the mess onto a normal plate and dig on in.

Jairo’s Easy  Peasy Huevo al Plato

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Ay, ¡qué buena pinta!

In return for the fabulous Sri Lankan Feast, Gabrielle and I invited Michelle and her sister Andrea over for dinner, as well as our friend Brianna (I say our friend, but really these are Gabrielle’s friends who I have slowly usurped).  I knew it would be difficult to compete, but I was also excited because Michelle and Andrea are meat eaters (Gabrielle and Brianna not so much), so I decided to make up what I’ve been wanting to eat myself: garbanzos.

Tasty face!

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