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Midterm Madness Coffee Cake

Midterms may be the unholiest of unholies.  Well, that’s most definitely an exaggeration, but when you are in the middle of the stink pit, it’s hard to remember that you have been in stinkier places.  What to do when you are up to your elbows in WTO agreements, annuity formulas, and other mind-mushingly boring bits of paper?

Replace the funk of midterms with tasty scents: cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove.  Oh yes: Desa bakes a cake to deal with stress.  Not necessarily eats the cake, but bakes it, admires it’s beauty, then calls up all her friends to gather, bitch and moan, and THEN eat the cake.  Guilt isn’t so bitter when shared; it becomes decadently delicious as more shoulders bear the load.

But which cake to make?  I knew that I couldn’t handle anything too complicated because my mind had been macerated like so many limes at a mojito bar, but I wanted something new and exciting to distract me from all the catch up studying I had yet to do.   In my tizzy, I turned to Gourmet, my monthly descent into food snobbery and whose demise I’m still mourning.  I decided to mark its passing by cooking up something from it’s final issue.   Still yet feeling lazy, I looked around my kitchen and my eyes fell upon the pears that came in our organic produce box and rejoiced in the lack of shopping I’d have to do if I made the Pear Cranberry Cake from the Final November Issue (pause for labored sigh of pain).

Cake and slice

Put down your pencils and pick up your forks.

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