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Life Imitates Art

Recently I threw a tea party at the demand of one of my friends who desired sustenance during a marathon BBC historical miniseries showing at my apartment.  I busted out cucumber sandwiches and shrimp mousse, but what we really ended up concentrating on were the scones with faux clotted cream.  I had used a Fisher Fair Scone mix with some add-ins: dried cherries, strawberries, etc.  But one of my friends, Meenakshi, went scone-crazy.  It was fun for me, because then I didn’t have to eat an entire batch myself, and she gave me some leeway in experimenting with flavors, though I did stop using a mix and found myself a good basic scone recipe in my roommate’s collection of recipe clippings – it certainly made for less trips to the store!

Unfortunately Meenakshi left for Pennsylvania for three months, leaving me alone on this coast.  My reaction of course, was to demonstrate how much I missed her by offering up baked goods, specifically, any scone she wished, to eat on the plane and miss me, encouraging her to run straight back home to my tasty-scented kitchenette.

This heartwarming story took a slightly comedic twist because we were secretly chatting while she was at work, and therefore not paying full attention to either the conversation or her assignment.  Luckily for me (if not her company), her distraction was rather serendipitous:

Me:  If you stop by on Thursday, I’ll have some scones you can
take with you on your trip.
Meenakshi: Oh yipee!
Haha, don’t worry about making them Desa!
Unless you want them of course
Me: I’m feeling sad.
Baking for others makes me happy
Meenakshi: Oh ok.. then bake away
Me: Hehehe
I probably should skip this song called Dark Does Die
that is very sad…
Meenakshi: Hahaha Dark Does Die… that’s quite a name
What kind of scone is it?
Me: Song.
Meenakshi: Or scone?
Me: Song.

We laughed and then the idea began to grow.  We decided that Dark Does Die, a song by The Sunday Drivers, could actually become a scone recipe, and Meenakshi just requested that it “would be a mysterious scone which is dark and perfect.”  The challenge was on.

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