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Summer to Fall Transition Time: Roasted Tomatoes

Well, it’s fall, and this post is late. Sorry.

One of my favorite things about summer is the fresh, ripe tomato.

Even with globalization allowing us to have year-round tomato-like objects, there is no replacement for in-season acidic, sweet tomatoes.  Spain had delicious, delicious tomatoes, and I went from tolerating them from eating one a day, at least.  No joke.  Just sliced up with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and white wine vinegar.

So when I saw this recipe from one of my favorite food writers, David Lebovitz, I felt that he was speaking to my need for delicious tomatoes outside of summer.  He offers up the suggestion of oven roasting them to intensify their flavor, and then freeze the suckers.   He was right.

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Spanish Food Parties


Volver = To return as well as a rather good movie.

Well, the academic year has kicked off, which means I’m back in Spain.  This year may be a little on the light side, blogwise, as I’m going to be doing a Master’s program as well as my teaching assistant job.  So to make up for it, I’m going to kick out a huge mega entry while I’m still on ‘vacation’ – I had to come back early in order to fix up my immigration status.  I do want to learn several things yet, like migas, lentils, and chocos, so I’ll do my best to carve out some time to cook and share.

Spanish food is trendy in magazines and in foodie circles but most people in the US have never had Spanish food or have a mental image limited to tortilla española and paella.  If they had indeed tasted some of the things Spain has to offer, then it was most assuredly not home cooked.  I decided to throw a Spanish food party as my own goodbye to everyone, that promptly grew into two separate food parties.  As you may have seen more than once before here on the blog, these may very well be the only types of parties I know how to put together.  I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not.

Some of these recipes I’ve got here are dredged from the internet, but all of them have been altered or influenced by me and my friends here in Spain.  The rest have been jotted down in Spanglish (1 kilo tomato, 1 diente de ajo, trocito de bell pepper) directly from real live Spanish people.  So if it isn’t authentic enough for you…move to a tiny pueblo?

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I’ve written before about my disconcerting devotion to jamón, but there is one thing in Spain that I may love even more.  And sorry, Sergio Garcia, it is not you. Really, it’s not a concrete object, but a pleasure that is happily as everyday as it is simple: fresh baked bread.

There are breads that I miss from the US, like soft multigrain bread and the rosemary sea salt bread that is one of the best things of living around Seattle.  I’m still flip-flopping bread brands to solve the first dilemma and perhaps I will get the guts to try my hand at yeast breads in order to kill the second craving.  At least until transporters and replicators fall into my price range.

But it’s ok.  Because more than the act of eating bread (of which I am a professional), Spain has captured my heart by putting fresh bread in every ubiquitous mini supermarket, which means that popping into Lidl to buy super cheap Red Bull knockoffs is an opportunity to receive a warm scent-hug of yeasty goodness.

Technically, our apartment is on a rather severe diet that forbids bread.  But after only a week, my roommates discovered that Desa on a that diet is a vicious little monster, and bread has come back into my life.  But the ease of getting good bread here can actually be kind of dangerous.  The other day we stopped to pick up tomatoes for a salad and they had just finished baking up bread for the dinner shoppers.  The smell physically enveloped us, these dusky gold baguettes with pale underbellies, crunching softly in promise, still damp from the steam of baking, like the whisper of a lover.

We stared at the bread.  We stared at each other.  We left with four loaves.

I cannot count the times that Rosa and I have run in the door of the apartment with bread shouting feel it!  Feel it!  I am privileged to live with someone who is equally excited when the bread makes it home still hot and crunchy.  And in a greater stroke of luck, we celebrate this shared passion every Friday morning, with “un señor desayuno”, or a grand breakfast in the Spanish style.

This is an andaluza. They as a Spanish half-baguette and I love them.

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Hey, I'm Desa. I've been bouncing between the Pacific Northwest and Sevilla, Spain in the last few years and from tiny apartment to tiny apartment. I cook mainly for one, which means some potentially boring meals, but here I'll be sharing the food that excites me. Feel free to offer suggestions, commiseration, or desires. And thanks for coming by!


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