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Pie Crust – and a Goodbye to Gluten-free

Well, I weighed for a while whether or not to write this post up, then decided that since I took all the pictures, and a few of my teensy handful of followers started reading this regularly for gluten-free recipes, that I may as well.  This will most likely be my last one like that, and I thought I should explain.  This is a blog about food, not my personal life (WordPress is not Xanga), but often, we cannot separate the two.  We cook for many reasons, and we love food for many reasons.

I myself am not celiac, nor on a gluten-free fad diet.  I began exploring gluten-free baking last summer, when I met a guy with celiac disease.  We hit it off, I returned to Spain, we kept talking, and we hit it off again when the economy drove me home.  But everyone who has dipped their toes into the tumultuous waters of romantic attachments knows that sometimes, though a connection may be real, sometimes time and circumstance may interfere.  To start angling back towards the food aspect, sometimes you may have gourmet ingredients, but forgot to take into account that you’re living in Colorado until your souffle deflates because of altitude issues.

New fancy pie shield from my stepmom for my birthday! It’s adjustable.

So, no more gluten-free, unless I run into more celiac people.  Which is probably going to happen.  Who knows? But I couldn’t leave this recipe out of the gluten-free chapter of my life and my blog, because of who I am.  That’s right.  We’re talking pie.

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The Ubiquitous Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I have mentioned this pie before.  It has been a welcome to the friend group pie, a good bye and good luck pie, and now, inaugural new kitchen pie.  The strawberry rhubarb pie.

Yes, inaugurating the new kitchen!  Unfortunately…does something seem to be missing here?

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